Some people will argue that photography lacks the individuality exhibited by painters . They say that any two people pointing a camera at the same subject will end up with indistinguishable images . It may only take a fraction of a second to press the shutter , but the most successful photographers are the product of much thought , planning and patience.
Whatever you do go out with your camera and enjoy the challenges posed by photography , think carefully about why you are taking your photographs , try to convey your passion and make sure you share your images with others .

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Beetles (Steve)

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Beetles (Steve)

Stratford Butterfly Farm (Steve)

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Stratford Butterfly Farm (Steve)

Wader,s (Steve)

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Wader,s  (Steve)

Sunset / Sunrise (Steve)

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Sunset / Sunrise (Steve)

Dragonflies (Steve)

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Dragonflies (Steve)

Barn Owl (Steve)

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Barn Owl  (Steve)

Tern,s (Steve)

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Tern,s  (Steve)

British Butterflies (Steve)

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British Butterflies (Steve)

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